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Auto transmission, automatic transmission, auto repair
This transmission shaft is used for many truck, and made from 20CrMnTi, harndness HRC53~62. Moreover, we also ...
Truck Engine, Car Engine, Automobile Engine
Displacement(L): 3.168
Bore× Store(mm): 98× 105
RatedPower/(k/W)Speed(r/min): 62.5/3600
Maximum ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Front Axle, Rear Axles, Wheel Axle, Drive Axle,
Product name: Trailer Axle
Technology platform: Developed by HanDe of its own technology
Performance: Rated axle load ...
Variable Frequency Motor, Slip Ring Motor, Crane And Metallurgical Motor.
YPT series of variable-frequency variable-speed three phase induction motors are new series of ...
Three-phase asynchronous motor, electromagnetism motor, metallurgy motor
1. YEJ, YDEJ series electromagnetism motor,
2. YVP, YVPEJ series frequency conversion and ...
AC traction motor, permanent magnet motor, clutch motor
AC traction motor used in 120km/h HXD3 freight electric locomotive, it was manufactured by import the technology of Toshiba ...
Starter motor, 3 phase motor, torque motor, trolling motor
Voltage class and frequency
The motor rated voltage contain 3kV, 6kV and 10kV three kinds of voltage according to the ...
Motor, AC motor, induction motor, Explosion-proof motor
Explosion-proof Certificate and MA safety mark permit.
Explosion-proof mark
The explosion-proof marks of ...
1 General
Electric motor, Synchronous Motor, brushless motor
1.1 YZR3 are based on YZ2 series of motors, response to national industry policy of substitute hot roll by cold roll, ...
Steel wheels, chrome wheels, car wheels
Passage Vehicle Wheels
Size: 12X4.00, 12X4.5, 13X4.5, 13X5, 14x5, 14x5.5, 14x6, 15X5.5, 15X6, 15X6.5
BOLT CIRCLE: 4, 5, 6
PCD(mm): 100, ...
Hydraulic motors, Rexroth motor, gear motor, Hydraulic motors, Rexroth motor, gear motor, hydraulic components, gear motor

Hydraulic motor:
1. Germany Rexroth: MCR series of ...
Servo motor, induction asynchronous motor, inverter duty motor
The Series Y2 (IP54) motor is of totally enclosed self-fan cooled squirrel cage three-phase induction ...
Motors, stepping motor, single phase motor, stepper motor
The degrees of protection: IP55;
Cooling type: IC411;
Insulation class: F;
Installation type: IMB3\IMB5. ...
Asynchronous generator, universal motor, vibrator motor
YJ50A motor is a new asynchronous generator which is developed for the equipment of large wind power ...
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder, Pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic parts,
Double-acting hydraulic cylinder, High pressure hydraulic cylidner, industrial hydraulic cylinder, ...
Hydraulics, DENISON motor, hydraulic motors, hydraulics, DENISON motor, hydraulic motors

Hydraulic motor:
1. Germany Rexroth: MCR series of hydraulic motors, GFT series ...
This series of hydraulic motor is of Danfoss hydraulic motor, Orbital motors, with its shell made of ductile cast iron of adequate intensity, can be applied to ...
1. YEJ, YDEJ series electromagnetism motor,
Frequency conversion motor, electricity motor, Fan motor, motor control
2. YVP, YVPEJ series frequency conversion and ...
Type: Pressure pump, Motor pump, Vacuum pump, Booster pump

1---------- replacement skeleton oil seal.
2---------- the slight attrition may use the golden sandpaper, ...
Hydraulic, hydraulic system, motor, hydraulic, hydraulic system, motor, sai hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic motor:
1. Germany Rexroth: MCR series of hydraulic motors, GFT series ...
Check valve, check valve, steel valve, valve test, check valve, steel valve, valve test,

A. Working condition:
Environment temperature: -20~80
Used Oil: Hydraulic oil ...
Gas meter, heat flow meter, flowmeter, air flow meter
Valve Control
Alarm for Attention
Info Storage, Checking, Display
Protection under Low Voltage
Anti ...
Hydraulic Pump, Axial Pump, Kawasaki Pump, Piston pump,

Involute spline factor of input axis
Involute spline standard---------JISD2001-1959
Gear ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Truck wheels, wheel rims, steel wheel
Heavy Duty Truck and Truck Trailer Wheel
Size: 22.5X9.00, 22.5X11.75, 19.5X6.75
Bolt Number: 8 and 10
PCD (mm): 275, 165.1, 285.75, ...
Raw material: Seamless Steel Tubes with galvanized & PVC coating
Standard: DIN 2391

Geometrical Properties:
OD=6mm, Thickness=1mm, Length=6000mm.

Mechanical Properties: ...
Tamping Rammer, concrete machine, power tool, Tamping Rammer, concrete machine, power tool.

Used to compact the gravel backfilled in the highway construction.
Used ...
Diesel Engine, Deutz Engine, Diesel Generator
Aspiration: Turbocharged Inter-Cooled
DisplacementL: 3.168
Bore× Store(mm): 98× 105 ...
Types: Hydraulic Pumps, Piston Pump, Injection Machine Parts

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1----- Low Noise
2-----Nominal Displacement(ml/r): 1.25, ...