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Diesel Engine, Deutz Engine, Diesel Generator
Aspiration: Turbocharged Inter-Cooled
DisplacementL: 3.168
Bore× Store(mm): 98× 105 ...
Diesel, Diesel Engines, Diesel Genset
Aspiration: Turbocharged Inter-Cooled
Displacement(L): 6.618
Bore× Store(mm): 106× 125
RatedPower/(k/W)Speed(r/min): ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
This series of hydraulic motor is of Danfoss hydraulic motor, Orbital motors, with its shell made of ductile cast iron of adequate intensity, can be applied to ...
Gas meter, heat flow meter, flowmeter, air flow meter
Valve Control
Alarm for Attention
Info Storage, Checking, Display
Protection under Low Voltage
Anti ...
Servo motor, induction asynchronous motor, inverter duty motor
The Series Y2 (IP54) motor is of totally enclosed self-fan cooled squirrel cage three-phase induction ...
Starter motor, 3 phase motor, torque motor, trolling motor
Voltage class and frequency
The motor rated voltage contain 3kV, 6kV and 10kV three kinds of voltage according to the ...
Structural features:
Transmission, automatic transmission, manual transmission.
Structure Features Composed of main and range groups, with barrel-shaped cast iron or aluminum die ...
Crane motor, Metallurgical motor, asynchronous motor
L\YZR. YZ. Series motors for crane and metal-lurgical uses, featured with large overload capacity and adequate ...
Product Advantages
1. Engine, Marine Diesel Engine, Cummins Diesel Engine, The water pump in the cooling system is gear-driven, which has a high efficiency and reliability, so ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Steel wheel, wheel rims, truck wheels
Tubeless Truck and Bus Wheel
Heavy Duty Truck and Truck Trailer Wheel
Size: 17.5X6.75, 19.5X6.75, 22.5X7.5, 22.5X8.25, 22.5X9.00, ...
High-voltage motor, induction motor, adjustable-speed motor
YRKK series of high-voltage 6kV, 10kV wound rotor induction motor is designed using the newest technology to ...
DC Traction Motor, linear motor, DC motor control, step motor
1. Technical Data
Model YZ68
Rated Power 160KW
Rated Voltage 370V
Rated Current 450A
Rated Speed ...
ZF Transmission, Power Shift Transmission, wheel loader parts
ZF WG powershift transmission offers everything technically possible to make wheel loader application more ...
Engine Model: Phaser180Ti-S30
Model Information: Four-Stroke, Liquid Cooled, Vertical Inline, DirectInjection, Dry Liner
Cylinder Number: 6
Induction system: Tubrocharged & ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Valve plate, heater valve, pneumatic valve, valve plate, heater valve, pneumatic valve,

Working pressure: 16Mpa
Flow rate: 30 L/Min
Spool diameter: 16mm
Inside ...
Types: Hydraulic pumps, Oil Pump, Vane Pump, Vickers, Eaton

The VQ series vane hydraulic pumps are the pioneers of cartridge-design vane pumps. They are well known ...
Heat meter, flow meter, energy meter

Technical data:
Measuring accuracy: Satisfy EN1434 standard, repeatability: Excel 0.5%
* Working power: 3.6V/19AH LiCELL (normal voltage ...
Product Advantages
1. Bus engine, Truck engine, trailer engine, Four Stroke Engine,
Optimized structure strengthening design: Output per liter and torque per liter aresuperior to ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Gasoline Engine, Small Gasoline Engine, Petrol Engine, gasoline motor
Technical Data
Type: Line 4 cylinder \16V(16 air door)\DOHC(Double Overhead Camshaft)\Naturally Aspirated. ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Wheels and tires, tire rack, discount tire
Heavy Duty Truck and Truck Trailer Wheel
Size: 17.5X6.00, 22.5X6.75, 22.5X7.5, 22.5X8.25, 22.5X9.00, 22.5X11.75, 24.5x8.25
Bolt ...
Diesel engine part, Detroit engine part, Hydraulic Motor Assembly

This hydraulic motor assembly is used for Detroit engine, and other diesel engine; Front&rear shell of ...

Permanent Magnet Servo Motor, three phase motor, AC Induction Motor

Three phase AC induction permanent magnet servo motors are designed and manufactured ...
Diesel engine parts, diesel engine repair, small diesel engine
1. Ultra low oil consumption: The oil consumption rate is only 2 thousandth of the fuelconsumption rate.
2. Low ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Hydraulic motor assembly & starter, Diesel engine part, hydraulic motor assembly & starter, Diesel engine part,

Hydraulic motor assembly, Hydraulic motor starter
ZL95223902.7; ...
Diesel engine, Diesel pump, Diesel parts, Diesel engine, Diesel pump, Diesel parts

Diesel engine
Diesel generator
Cummins diesel
Car engine
Small engines
Turbo ...
Wheel rims, steel wheel, truck wheels

Passage Vehicle Wheels
Size: 12X4.00, 12X4.5, 13X4.5, 13X5, 14x5, 14x5.5, 14x6, 15X5.5, 15X6, 15X6.5
BOLT CIRCLE: 4, 5, 6
PCD(mm): 100, ...
Product Advantages:
1. Engines, Diesel Engine, Car Engine, Honda Engines, Volvo Engine
Optimized structure strengthening design: Output per liter andtorque per liter are superior ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Hydraulic motor:
1. Germany Rexroth: MCR series of hydraulic motors, GFT series reducer,
2. France POCLAIN: MS series of hydraulic motors and piston-wheel motor
3. STAFFA: HMB, ...