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Reducer, Speed reducer, Gear reducer, motor reducer, Reducer, Speed reducer, Gear reducer, motor reducer

1 Gear is optimal design and strengthened processing, large ...
Steel wheel, wheel rims, truck wheels
Tubeless Truck and Bus Wheel
Heavy Duty Truck and Truck Trailer Wheel
Size: 17.5X6.75, 19.5X6.75, 22.5X7.5, 22.5X8.25, 22.5X9.00, ...
Types: Hydraulic pumps, Oil Pump, Vane Pump, Vickers, Eaton

The VQ series vane hydraulic pumps are the pioneers of cartridge-design vane pumps. They are well known ...
Diesel engine part, Detroit engine part, Hydraulic Motor Assembly

This hydraulic motor assembly is used for Detroit engine, and other diesel engine; Front&rear shell of ...
Axle, axles, rear axle, front axle
1 Mounting: Fixed joint
2 Input and output flange: Many kinds of type to be chosen
3 Parking braking: Spot-type disc brake
4 ...
Shaft coupling, shaft design, Transmission Shaft
This drive shaft is used for hydraulic motor, and as a machining parts for some auto and car shaft, material is ...
FOB Price: US $1 / Piece
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
Structural features:
Transmissions, Car transmission, auto transmission
Structure Features 5 forward gears plus 1 reverse, all gears helical but 1st gear and reverse Twin cone ...
Heat meter, water meter, power meter, gas meter,
1. Nominal size: DN25~40,
2. Min. Temperature difference 3
3. Multi-flow rotary vane
4. Meeting Class 2 requirements ...
Hydraulic group, hydraulic assembly, gear motor, Oilfield parts

Model: HQ2000 (3208)
Speed: 2000r/min
Pressure: 16mpa
Structure: Gear
Loading type: Radial and axial ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Type: Oil Pump, Fuel Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Air Pump
This Oil Pump also is called high pressure pump, instead of Permco pump; P5100 is the high-pressure gear pump, Max. ...
Structural features:
Transmission service, transmission repair, automotive transmission
Structure Features n 5 forward gears plus 1 reverse, all gears helical but 1st gear and ...
Snow/Winter Wheels, Passage Vehicle Wheel, hot wheels
Snow/Winter Wheels
Size: 13X5, 14X5.5, 14X6, 15X6, 16X6.5, 17X6.5
PCD(mm): 100, 108, 114.3,
Type: Wheels, Steel Wheels, Tubeless Wheel, Chrome Wheels

According to the present invention, various effects are obtained as follows. The face of the wheel has ...
Hydraulic Pumps, Gear Pumps, oil pump
This hydraulic gear pumps, instead of hercules pump, is used for truck crane, specially XCMG crane main pump, working media is ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece