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Hydraulic motor:
1. Germany Rexroth: MCR series of hydraulic motors, GFT series reducer,
2. France POCLAIN: MS series of hydraulic motors and piston-wheel motor
3. STAFFA: HMB, ...
Model: Gear Pump, hydraulic Pump, oil pump
HP051B678-20-20-10-02-GA is a four-stage pump, and used in XCMG crane QY40K(40T), QY50K(50T)-engine
WD615.67A and ISLE 350, QY70K(70T) ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Crane motor, Metallurgical motor, asynchronous motor
L\YZR. YZ. Series motors for crane and metal-lurgical uses, featured with large overload capacity and adequate ...
Product Advantages
1. Bus engine, Truck engine, trailer engine, Four Stroke Engine,
Optimized structure strengthening design: Output per liter and torque per liter aresuperior to ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Gasoline Engine, Small Gasoline Engine, Petrol Engine, gasoline motor
Technical Data
Type: Line 4 cylinder \16V(16 air door)\DOHC(Double Overhead Camshaft)\Naturally Aspirated. ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Diesel engine, Diesel pump, Diesel parts, Diesel engine, Diesel pump, Diesel parts

Diesel engine
Diesel generator
Cummins diesel
Car engine
Small engines
Turbo ...
Mould: Rotary Swaging Machine, Bending Machine, Rebar, Metallic Processing Machinery

This machine process σb≤ 600Mpa metal material ( when σb ≥ ...
High-voltage motor, induction motor, adjustable-speed motor
YRKK series of high-voltage 6kV, 10kV wound rotor induction motor is designed using the newest technology to ...
Engine Model: Phaser180Ti-S30
Model Information: Four-Stroke, Liquid Cooled, Vertical Inline, DirectInjection, Dry Liner
Cylinder Number: 6
Induction system: Tubrocharged & ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Wheels and tires, tire rack, discount tire
Heavy Duty Truck and Truck Trailer Wheel
Size: 17.5X6.00, 22.5X6.75, 22.5X7.5, 22.5X8.25, 22.5X9.00, 22.5X11.75, 24.5x8.25
Bolt ...
Wheel rims, steel wheel, truck wheels

Passage Vehicle Wheels
Size: 12X4.00, 12X4.5, 13X4.5, 13X5, 14x5, 14x5.5, 14x6, 15X5.5, 15X6, 15X6.5
BOLT CIRCLE: 4, 5, 6
PCD(mm): 100, ...
Gearbox, Transmission box, Mechanical gearbox, Gearbox, Transmission box, Mechanical gearbox

1 Powerful force, High reliability.
2 Highly active, save energy: ...
Product Advantages
1. Engine, Marine Diesel Engine, Cummins Diesel Engine, The water pump in the cooling system is gear-driven, which has a high efficiency and reliability, so ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Valve plate, heater valve, pneumatic valve, valve plate, heater valve, pneumatic valve,

Working pressure: 16Mpa
Flow rate: 30 L/Min
Spool diameter: 16mm
Inside ...
Hydraulic motor assembly & starter, Diesel engine part, hydraulic motor assembly & starter, Diesel engine part,

Hydraulic motor assembly, Hydraulic motor starter
ZL95223902.7; ...
Forklift wheel, racing wheel, chrome wheels
Standard Specification
Size: 5.50F-15, 6.00G-15, 6.50-10, 6.50-15, 6.50-20, 7.00T-15, 7.00T-16, 7.00T-20, 8.00V-15, 8.5-20, 9.00-15 ...
Reducer, Speed reducer, Gear reducer, motor reducer, Reducer, Speed reducer, Gear reducer, motor reducer

1 Gear is optimal design and strengthened processing, large ...
Steel wheel, wheel rims, truck wheels
Tubeless Truck and Bus Wheel
Heavy Duty Truck and Truck Trailer Wheel
Size: 17.5X6.75, 19.5X6.75, 22.5X7.5, 22.5X8.25, 22.5X9.00, ...
Types: Hydraulic pumps, Oil Pump, Vane Pump, Vickers, Eaton

The VQ series vane hydraulic pumps are the pioneers of cartridge-design vane pumps. They are well known ...
Diesel engine part, Detroit engine part, Hydraulic Motor Assembly

This hydraulic motor assembly is used for Detroit engine, and other diesel engine; Front&rear shell of ...
Axle, axles, rear axle, front axle
1 Mounting: Fixed joint
2 Input and output flange: Many kinds of type to be chosen
3 Parking braking: Spot-type disc brake
4 ...
Shaft coupling, shaft design, Transmission Shaft
This drive shaft is used for hydraulic motor, and as a machining parts for some auto and car shaft, material is ...
FOB Price: US $1 / Piece
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
Structural features:
Transmissions, Car transmission, auto transmission
Structure Features 5 forward gears plus 1 reverse, all gears helical but 1st gear and reverse Twin cone ...
Heat meter, water meter, power meter, gas meter,
1. Nominal size: DN25~40,
2. Min. Temperature difference 3
3. Multi-flow rotary vane
4. Meeting Class 2 requirements ...